The best software house? NAOS Software

NAOS Software is the best software house. We are a team of young, dynamic people, for whom programming is much more than just a job – it is our passion, fuelled by the desire to find better solutions and build them using the latest available technologies. Our office is located in Poznan, one of Poland’s entrepreneurship meccas.

We specialise in building web applications, feature-rich websites and mobile apps, utilising the latest technologies such as Java, Spring, PostgreSQL and Angular2. Our team is also experienced with the .NET (C#) environment and popular CMS solutions like WordPress.

Being a software house, we provide warranty for our products and full customer support – we will help you chose the most suitable hosting solution and guide you through the installation process.

Code quality and app security is our top priority. In order to maintain the current security standards, we follow guidelines of the international organisation We also contribute to the international software community through our involvement in, where we have already helped tens of thousands of people.

Every new project for us is a chance to build a unique product that will make us proud and help fulfill your business goals.

Still undecided?

Check out our portfolio where you will find a variety of different projects – everything from small apps that took mere weeks to build to full-blown educational games that have received numerous upgrades through the years, thanks to the continuing trust of our clients.

Every new client will get a free price evaluation of their project. Contact us.

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