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NAOS Software’s aim is to provide first class programming services. We want to contribute to our business partners’ success, gain their trust and build long-standing relationships. Our offer consists of variety of services, including mobile apps and feature-rich web portals.

Our IT experts are capable of taking on even more demanding tasks, like building innovative software solutions, web applications and educational games. It does not matter how big or small is your project, we will help you make it happen.

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Grandle updated

The recommended Android app building tool Gradle has added Kotlin as a new option for build automation. More information can be found here.

Blisk browser

Blisk is a free Chromium-based browser that had been developed with programmers in mind. It is meant to help improve code quality and coding effectiveness and provides a variety of programming and testing tools for both PC and mobile platforms. More information can be found here.

Synergise platform

Google has aquired Synergise platform with the purpose of improving the Google Apps user training. More information can be found here.